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luned 18 gennaio 2021
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Fondazione per l'Ambiente
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About us

Who we are

Fondazione per l'Ambiente, founded in Torino by 24 public and private partners operating in Piedmont (north-west Italy), is a non-profit body that promotes research, communication and experts' training in the sector of environmental policies at local level.

Fondazione per l'Ambiente's projects are developed according to the following principles:

  • Environmental and social sustainable development
  • Clear management processes in the environmental sector
  • Voluntary, integrated, preventive and market approach to environmental policies
  • Regulation of both environmental services and public utility services.


Download here our presentation leaflet in English.

What we do

Our activities can be grouped as follows:

Research projects: project ideas are mainly designed by the internal working group, and they are supported by charter members or other entities. The aim is to produce and deliver scientific knowledge to local policy makers.

Information activities: Fondazione per l'Ambiente monitors, selectes, processes and disseminates information and documentation in order to facilitate the access to knowledge by local policy makers.

Promotion activities: in the framework of its projects, Fondazione per l'Ambiente supports also local policies and networking amongst relevant local actors.

Training activities: Fondazione per l'Ambiente yearly organizes an International Summer School on issues linked to local public services and energy policies (taking place in Turin in September). Visit the webpage of the 2010 Edition.

Focus on

Our thematic research areas are:

  • Energy and environment: dealing with energy and environmental issues, with a specific focus on connections between local / global emissions and policies;
  • Local public services: dealing with economic, political, regulatory and governance aspects of local services, in particular those with environmental impact such as waste, water, local public transports, energy.
  • Instruments supporting local policies: including all horizontal activities aimed at strenghtening human capital in public administration and, more generally, at capacity building at both institutional and market level.

Our Institutional Bodies

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Our Staff and Scientific Network

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