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Scientific director of Fondazione per l’Ambiente since its creation, he coordinates research programmes on the interaction between economics, energy and environment and on local public services, as well as capacity building and support activities for local public entities.
Contract professor in Environmental Economics at the Polytechnic of Torino and University of East Piedmont, and now at the Saint John International University in Vinovo (Torino).
His scientific interests and his publications range from public economics to environmental and regulatory economics. Recently he has decided to become an “on the road economist”, publishing a book (Economics in Pills, in Italian, www.economistadistrada.it) which aims to propose basic economics to the large public. He is the author of Happy Hour Finance, e-book published by Sperling&Kupfer, the first Italian financial novel. From beer and small daily debts to high finance, this short novel takes us to Berlin, New York, London and Myconos allegorically describing some of the reasons for the financial crisis that we are experiencing.



Fondazione per l'Ambiente's Scientific Network groups different and complementary competences, enabling to implement debates, studies, analysis and research  activities with a high trans-disciplinary value.

Please find here a short presentation of the Network's Members:


Forestry and environmental sciences


Graduated in forestry, she is an expert in cartographic processing, evaluation on forest fires, agro-forestry economics, database management, natural engineering, environmental education and nature photography.

Institution / main affiliation: Centro Studi per lo Sviluppo Rurale della Collina
e-mail: alonzisara [at] gmail.com




Cognitive Economics, Behavioural economics, Experimental economics, Game theory

Graduated in Law, PhD in Economics of Institutions and Creativity at the University of Torino. Teaching assistant in Political Economics and History of the Economic Thought at the Faculty of Law – University of Torino and University of East Piedmont. She is member of the Centre of Cognitive Economics at the University of East Piedmont. She collaborates with Fondazione per l’Ambiente.

Institution / main affiliation: Università degli Studi di Torino
e-mail: angela.ambrosino [at] unito.it




Analysis of the efficiency of local governments, Public Policies Analysis, Spatial econometrics

Graduated in Political Sciences, she is  PhD candidate in Economics at University of Torino and she collaborates with several research centres such as IRES Piemonte and Centro Studi sul Federalismo. Her main domain of research is focused on application of econometrics instruments to the analysis of local finance and environmental policies.

Institution / main affiliation: Università degli Studi di Torino
e-mail: n.a.



Forestry, Environmental design, Natural Engineering, Forestry Hydraulics and Engineering, Waste management cycle

Graduated in Forestry in 1989, since 1991 he is Chartered agronomist and forestry professional and since 1998 he is partner of Studio Blanchard-Gallo in Chieri (Torino), where he carried out professional assignments for several public administration in Piedmont and in Italy. From 1999 to 2001 he was professor of Natural Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.

Institution / main affiliation: Studio Blanchard-Gallo
e-mail: studio [at] coqblanc.it



Evaluation and assessment of sustainability of built environment: instruments and  methodologies                             

Building engineer, PhD in Building Engineering. She collaborates with Politecnico di Torino in education and research. She is consultant of iiSBE Italia for the preparation, updating and development of systems for energy and environmental assessment of building (ITACA protocol and documents to support its implementation).

Institution / main affiliation: iiSBE Italia
e-mail: valentina.colaleo [at] gmail.com



Environmental and Energy Economics and policies; Environmental accounting; Energy efficiency and energy conservation 

Graduated in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (1999). He collaborates with the Center for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy at Università Bocconi and with the Departments of Economics at Università di Udine. He is also in charge of supporting and consulting activities to NGOs and Public Entities. Since 2009 he has been appointed as coordinator of the Master in Environment and Energy Economics and Management at Università Bocconi. He is funding member at the Italian Association of Environmental Engineers (AIAT).

Institution / main affiliation: IEFE – Università Bocconi
e-mail: alessandro.decarli [at] unibocconi.it



Regulation of public utilities; Competition; Energy and climate change; Structural reforms                             
Graduated in Political Sciences at Università La Sapienza in Rome; she got a Master in Public Policy at the University College London and later a PhD in Economics of Transports. Since 2011 she has been working as Economist at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance
Institution / main affiliation: Ministero Economia e Finanze
e-mail: maria.ebano [at] tesoro.it



Antropology of complex societies

Anthropologist and journalist, she collaborates with several newspapers and magazines, with the University of Torino and with Saint John International University.

Institution / main affiliation: Università degli Studi di Torino
e-mail: sacchiu [at] hotmail.com



Renewable Energy sources, Biofuels, Green Marketing                                                                                          

Graduated at Università Bocconi, he got a Master in Environmental Economics and Management. He worked in the field of energy and environmental (mainly biofuels) at the United Nations in New York (UNDESA) and at the Center for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy and at the Security and Protection Against Crime and Emergencies Research Center at Università Bocconi. Currently he is PhD candidate in Business at Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice.

Institution / main affiliation: Università Ca Foscari, Venezia
e-mail: pietro.lanzini [at] unibocconi.it



Energy and Environmental Policies and Law

Graduated in Law at Università di Milano, he practiced law and managed a commercial activity in scientific appliances before specializing as consultant and researcher in the environmental sector, as coordinator of International projects at Istituto per l’Ambiente in Milan and Fondazione per l’Ambiente in Turin.

Institution / main affiliation: Fondazione per l'Ambiente T. Fenoglio
e-mail: franco.molteni [at] fondazioneambiente.org



Expert in welfare, social and education public policies

Public officer at Regione Piemonte. In the past he was in charge of the Department for the implementation of the services network for childhood in Piemonte. Currently we coordinated regional investment programmes for maintenance and enforcement of the network of services for early childhood (kindergartens and complementary services) and relevant policies.

Institution / main affiliation: Regione Piemonte – Direzione Politiche Sociali e per la Famiglia
e-mail: marco.musso [at] regione.piemonte.it



International  Summer School on Regulation of local public services; Turin School of Local Regulation

Graduated in Environmental Economics and Policies at the University of Torino, she spent a period in the USA as a trainee at Stony Brook University (NY). At Fondazione per l'Ambiente she works as a project manager of the International Summer School on regulation of local public services.

Institution / main affiliation: Fondazione per l'Ambiente T. Fenoglio
e-mail: fulvia.nada [at] fondazioneambiente.org



Economist expert in Climate Change

He is an economist working in the field of climate change since 2002, focusing on the certificate mechanisms for climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy. He is appointed as the Dutch expert on the White Certificates team of the International Energy Agency/ Demand Side Management program . He is an expert in carbon markets and in Capacity building and rules design for climate policy mechanisms. Currently, he is employed by Joint Implementation Network in the Netherlands. In 2010 he got a PhD in Economics at the University of Groningen.

Institution / main affiliation: Joint Implementation Network
e-mail: vlasis [at] jiqweb.org



Waste management

Since 2000 he has been working in the waste management sector, at the beginning as employee, then as officials and now as Director of Consorzio Chierese Servizi. He was in charge and coordinated all the phases of the switch from traditional waste collection to door-to-door collection and from the Tax system to the Tariff System in the Consortium he leads. Previously he worked 7 years at ENU on national and international projects of hydrocarbon exploration.

Institution / main affiliation: Consorzio Chierese per i Servizi
e-mail: n.a.



European Law; Competition and Regulation Law

Partner in the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery Studio Legale Associato. She leads the Italian EU Competition and Regulatory practice, where she focuses on advising Italian and international clients on a wide range of legal issues relating to competition, including merger control, distribution, cartels and abuse of dominance before the Italian Competition Authority and the European Commission.

Institution / main affiliation: McDermott Will & Emery Studio Legale Associato
e-mail: vpinotti [at] mwe.com




Sociology of education, economic socialization, financial literacy, pathways to job-study for new generations

Professor of Sociology of communication and media at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia and of Sociology of education at Università di Padova. Amongst her most recent publications: Rinaldi E., (2010), Educazione Finanziaria: Indagine sui preadolescenti italiani, Milano: Junior Achievement (Financial education: survey on Italian preadolescent children).

Institution / main affiliation: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Dipartimento di Sociologia
e-mail: emanuela.rinaldi [at] unicatt.it



Waste management; Public Utilities; Regulation of local public services

Graduated in Social Studies at the University of Florence. Now he is the General Director of CISPEL Toscana, CISPEL is a Regional Association of local public services enterprises in the sector of public utilities. Since 1990 he has worked in the environmental sector with important institutions. A major part of his researches and works is related to public utilities, especially to waste management. He collaborates with the Italian Research Institute “Utilitatis” and he is in the Board of Directors of the Regional Agency for Resources Recovery (ARRR).

Institution / main affiliation: CISPEL Toscana
e-mail: n.a.



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