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domenica 05 luglio 2020
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LORENET Table: District heating


Country 1 

Country 2 

Country 3 

Country 4 

Country ... 

1. If a regulatory policy exists, who is responsible for regulatory (industrial) POLICY DESIGN at national and local level?






2. Is Public-Private Partnership (PPP) a common Practice in the Country?






3. Who has the ownership of the network and plants?
a) Central government
b) Local governments
c) Public companies
d) Private entities
e) Mixed private / public






4.1. How are services assigned?
a) Public tender
b) Direct assignment
c) Other (please specify)






4.2. If applicable, who is in charge of tendering the services?






4.3. What is the average duration of concessions? Can they be re-negotiated?






5. Who manages the service?






6.1. Who regulates tariffs, profits/revenues and so on?






6.2. Who plans investments?






7.1. If a regulatory body exists (authority / agency / department), who appoints who in its governance?






7.2. What is the level of independence of the regulatory body from the government?






8. What is the structure of revenues (bills, subsidies, …)?






9. Does the sector benefit from tradable permits (e.g. green certificates, white certificates)?