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mercoled 12 agosto 2020
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Project coordinator: Fondazione per l'Ambiente / Turin School of Local Regulation  

Co-financed by: Camera di Commercio di Torino (Chamber of Commerce - Turin)



The project idea is mainly based on the awareness that there is a lack of networking initiatives at international level on research and dissemination regarding regulation of local public services, and more generally of management and tendering of urban services.
Indeed, while big services at national level, like phone and energy networks, are a well studied subject and their regulation is organised in independent national agencies and authorities (at least in OECD countries), services provided at local level still remain outside a regulatory framework, even if they produce an interesting share of the GDP within the EU,
Therefore a coordinated activity of research and dissemination is needed at international level.


- To establish an international network of researchers, decision-makers, research and education institutions, enterprises, and other stakeholders, on the issue of regulation of local public services.
- To create a culture of regulation of local public services
- To build up an international framework and produce guidelines on regulation of local public services
- To provide to local public decision-makers and stakeholders the necessary information and instruments to build up regulatory systems of local public services
- To set the basis for the creation of a stable international network on regulation of local public services and its institutionalisation.


- Creation of a first  international informal network and study group, sharing studies, databases, learning materials
- Establishment of contacts with participants and lecturers of the 2009 Summer School by the School Secretary and in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce
- Creation of the project website

- Analysis and highlighting of national specificities on the issue of regulation of public services by the Study Group
- Selection of a specific number of target Countries to specify the analysis
- Research of articles and publications in English on the issue of urban services

- Organisation of an international seminar in Turin on the issue of regulation of urban services and on the promotion of citizens as consumers of urban services
- Publication of the results on the project website.


- Creation of an informal network and a study group, setting the basis for future institutional development of the network.
- Project webpage
- Preliminary synoptic table of regulation of main urban services (English and Italian)
- Report of publications on the issue of urban services (English).

- Public local entities
- Public agencies of local public services
- Universities and research centres
- Think tanks
- Chambers of commerce
- Consumers’ organisations
- Other public and private actors with expertise on the issue.