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marted 12 novembre 2019
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The Institutional Activities of
Fondazione per l'Ambiente
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In this section summaries of the main projects implemented by Fondazione per l'Ambiente are provided.
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Projects have been divided into two main domains:

Energy and Environment (E&E)
Energy represents a core issue in most of environmental topics, both considering pressure factors and under the point of view of prevention or control policy.
Energy concerns all behaviours and choices having impacts on environment: producing, working, consuming, moving, living, entertaining. For this reason, the domain “Energy and Environment” is the main stream of research and dissemination activities of Fondazione per l’Ambiente (FA): the main research topics concern global emissions, local emissions and carbon sequestration of natural environment.

Local public services (LPS)
In the last decade the debate on local public services has been constantly concentrated on liberalization and privatization. Nevertheless, the two processes have only partially concerned local public services, where local authorities keep strong control both on strategies and on goods. While for large network services (e.g. telephone, energy) regulation is well-established, at least in OECD countries, and independent national authorities are present, at local level there is not an equivalent framework for urban-scale services, even though they produce a not negligible share of the GDP and contribute significantly to the wellbeing of people.
In this framework, FA has developed a 10-year experience in economic, political, regulatory and governance aspects of local services, in particular those with environmental impact such as waste, water, local public transports, energy.

FA is active in promoting opportunities of exchange and debate on these issues. In particular FA:
- Collect and process data in order to make them usable by local regulatory actors
- Make studies and research
- Promote seminars, conferences, workshops
- Organize a yearly summer school in regulation of local public services
- Implement capacity building activities for regulatory agencies and local public entities.