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How to get here


 How to get to Turin

Turin is located in the north west of Italy, 2 hours away by train from Milan, watch the Turin Google Map

By flight: the nearest airport is the Turin Airport , 40 minutes by taxi (30-50 Euros) or shuttle bus (6.50 Euros) from the city centre
By train: Turin is connected very well with other Italian and European cities, http://www.ferroviedellostato.it/
By car: the motorway is available, check it out on http://www.autostrade.it/


About Turin

Turin is a centre of beautiful landscapes, museums, baroque architecture, history
and food culture. It lies at the middle of a wonderful region, Piemonte, the ‘land at the foot of the mountains’ and offers
to visitors an amazing and special view of the Alpes. The city is situated in a very famous region for its surround of
nature and hills with historical villages and important parks.
Turin is an ancient city, which was Italy’s first capital, and is now a great industrial district. Here there is the one of
the most important car industry of the world and the Piemonte Region is popular for its quality of food industry and
wine production, especially in the most famous territory of wine called “Langhe” .
Now, with the success of 2006 Winter Games, this city has been known from everyone not only for its excellent
sky resorts but also for its hospitable people and quality of life: it’s a place with a fundamental role in the
territory’s economy and a pole of innovation, culture, improved science and technology.

Here a list of turist web sites with many information and suggestions for visitors.

Touristic information:

Some of the most important museum:

For more images of the city we suggest to visit: